Ever since Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) has been recommending the accounting industry to be prepared for emerging of Industrial revolution 4 (IR4.0),  Chai & Associates has decided to upgrade our operation and services align with current technologies. Our current system shall be gradually convert into new technology and adopting new mindset to stay competitive in the industry. 

Cloud Accounting

During the implementation, we will gradually move to cloud based accounting platform. We shall be more efficient  by partnering with our Cloud software vendor – Treezsoft. Cloud based means that all data to be kept at the virtual world so that we can access the data anytime, anywhere to get live financial situation of our business and go green. With this new platform, our practice will be able to streamline with our clients efficiently. This new platform also enables us to have a real-time accounting data review, advisory & reporting to our client promptly. Clients will only focusing on their own operations and marketing, leave the complicated “debit & credit” to us.  

Welcoming Our Creative Team

The idea of setting up the Creative Team is to build a bridge to connect Numbers and Marketing. Digitization being the global trend now has changed our position to be proactive in adopting new technology. Based on clients demand, we shall first start with digital migration on our daily operation. The creative team will lead the expansion of our service by adding marketing solutions, branding consultancy, creative design, marketing material and website development.  As business exposure are playing a very crucial role in this digital era, most of the consumers shop online, googling for information, social media and highly depending on m-commerce. That is why internet exposure becomes part of the marketing tools for business and we commit to assist our clients to explore this area.