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What exactly is micro-business?

well basically any business sales turnover not more than  RM300 or have employee less than 5.

How is it different than Small-Business?

Although there’s no stopping to label micro-business as small business, the operating costs and revenue collected are often significantly higher for a small business as it scales up, even with the addition of only one new employee.

Who is a part of micro-business?

Most of them actually who’s starting to get into business world. Opening a business need a lot preparation especially finance or capital, starting with small amount  will do. Is it like startups? not exactly some people already have permanent job but want to have a business outside once in a while. This is actually smart practice to get side-income. Some people likes freedom in their business practice ; operate whenever and wherever they want.

Hold on…..Micro Business got some challenges

In Malaysia law, you need a trading license to do business operation in Malaysia. You need a brand if you wish to sell or service more to community. you don’t have formal place to place your business at formally. Not only this required in trading license, but you maybe need it for mailing purposes. why need to have trading license anyway? well in term of bank account, most customer have more trust when going through company bank account than the personal one.

What we can do to help you?

Well, firstly we can apply trading license for you, we know the process is relatively easy which you can do it by yourself but we understand some people don’t want to bother the hassle  preparing necessary document and going to government building. As per service, we suggesting renting our virtual office if you don’t have place of operation. we provide safekeeping of documents and package you might have, even do answering phone calls from your customer for you.


Don’t forget, we provide free consultation for you if any inquiry… feel free to contact us by Email or Whatsapp