Company Secretary

Under the Company Act, a Sdn. Bhd. or a Company is required to appoint at least 1 Company Secretary.

As we have vast experience in this aspect, YES! you can appoint us to be your company secretary as we are capable of handling compliance works for SSM requirements. Hence, the company Director(s) can focus on their daily company operation free from hassle.

We assist you to handle secretarial work for a year with a free retainer fee for a year. We always have a good responsibility in the safekeeping Company document and submitting it to SSM at the right time.

What are the duties of a Company Secretary?

  • Update company’s statutory information and submission to SSM
  • Maintain and safekeeping the Statutory Documents
  • Safekeeping of Company’s Common Seal
  • Oversees important company documents and documents certifying. e.g. Banking documents
  • Advising the Board of Director on the date to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Submission of Annual Return to SSM
  • Present at the Registered Office by himself or a representative during office hour
  • Receiving Notice of the Company
  • Issuing Notice for Board of Director Meeting, General Meeting and preparing Minutes and Resolutions

Need a secretary that also gives good corporate advice? You may appoint us as your Company Secretary! Contact us for more info.

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